Sourcing from China - Products, Services and Partnership
Headquartered in London, China Consultancy is a dedicated professional consultancy service specialised in sourcing products, services and strategic partnership from China for the UK businesses. We also provide tailored Chinese cultural and language training catering to our clients' individual needs.

More and more SMEs in the UK have become aware the importance of partnership with China in all business areas, particularly in the current economic recession. Yet the barriers of finding and working with Chinese partners still largely exist, due to a numbe of reasons. Cultural difference, language barrier, different business mentality and practice, massive geographical challenge, to name but a few. SMEs may also have limited financial and human resources to conduct expensive market research and fact-finding business travels to China.

This is where China Consultancy comes in to help. With our main operation in London, we also have a professional team based in China. We understand not only the commercial needs of our British clients, but also the social, cultural, environmental and ethical contexts of both the UK and China.

Our goal is to help British organisations, particularly SMEs fulfill their needs of sourcing from China, doing business with China, creating and enjoying business success with China!